Unlocking Your Financial Future

Ep 32: Mailbag Edition - Student Loans, Gold, Investing & More

April 23, 2020

A busy few months has generated a lot of curiosity from listeners so we’ll answer a bunch of financial questions on this show. From investing during the coronavirus to student loan dilemmas to long-term care coverage, we’ll cover a wide range of topics.


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Today's show rundown: 

1:50 – Mailbag Question #1: We had kids later in life than most people so they’ll still be in college when we’re ready to retire. Should we make them take out student loans rather than trying to take out money from our accounts when we’re retired?

3:31 – Mailbag Question #2: Is it wise for me to own gold in my portfolio and what percentage would be appropriate?

4:23 – Mailbag Question #3: The coronavirus scare has me convinced the market will keep crashing again and again. I’m ready to move everything to cash. Should I wait?

6:22 – Mailbag Question #4: We’re both 63 and haven’t saved much for retirement. We’re about to sell our farm and that will net around $1 million. What should we do with that money?   

7:46– Mailbag Question #5: How much long-term care coverage is recommended? It seems there are hundreds of different options.

9:30 – Mailbag Question #6: I’ve had the same advisor for 20 years but it seems like he’s phasing out and passing things on to a younger advisor. Should I stick with them or find someone new?