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Ep 33: Coronavirus Market Update - CARES Act, RMDs, & Volatility

May 7, 2020

As we begin the third month of the health crisis, Ben gives us an update on what he’s seen from the market in recent weeks, the provisions of the CARES Act clients are paying attention to, and what he thinks about volatility moving forward.


Read more and get additional resources here: https://www.baschrock-fg.com/podcast/ep-33-coronavirus-market-update-cares-act-rmds-volatility/ 


Today's show schedule: 

3:40 – Everything we’re doing is still virtual right now.

4:16 – Will clients be more inclined to meet virtually after this is all done?

4:55 – Other businesses might end up changing operations as well.

6:06 – Update us on what you’ve seen over the last month from the market.

7:34 - Ben explains what the VIX measurement is.

9:06 – What adjustments are being made to plans right now?

10:30 - The CARES Act allowing people to pull money out of retirement accounts without penalty.

12:02 - Are many clients considering this option right now?

12:48 - RMDs being waved for 2020 and this is a big deal for our clients.

13:55 - Do you expect any other individual relief to come down?

15:04 - Ben’s team is actively communicating with clients as things change.