Unlocking Your Financial Future

Ep 38: Should You Be Wary of Dave Ramsey’s Advice?

June 11, 2020

Dave Ramsey has become one of the leading names and brands in finance and for good reason. The advice he gives benefits a lot of people across the country but is all that guidance applicable to you? Let’s look at his most popular teachings and determine how much we agree with.


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Today's show schedule: 

1:11 – We’re in the process of moving into a new office.

2:40 – They’ve posted a free webinar to the website.

3:22 – What we’re talking about today.

4:57 – The Debt Snowball

6:27 – His investment advice dealing with mutual funds.  

8:39 – Unrealistic expectations with returns and spending in retirement

10:49 – A good idea to stop contributing to retirement accounts until debt is paid off.

12:33 – This one-size-fits-all approach goes against the benefits of an advisor.

15:09 – The more awareness on finances the better.