Unlocking Your Financial Future

Ep 45: Meet Our New Advisor, Dan Oaklief

August 6, 2020

Meet our team’s newest financial advisor, Dan Oaklief. Find out how he has reenergized and motivated our team and how he’ll be helping our clients. 


Read more and get additional financial resources here: https://www.baschrock-fg.com/podcast/ep-45-meet-our-new-advisor-dan-oaklief/ 


On today's show:

3:40 – Meet Dan Oaklief

4:30 – Guiding clients through a very rocky financial year

6:04 – What will Dan’s role be?

6:36 – What are clients’ biggest challenges?

7:19 – What is Ben’s vision for Dan?

7:56 – Dan cares about people

8:43 – Dan’s accreditations

10:09 – A getting-to-know-you question for Dan and Ben